Science & Video

Online video is a powerful tool for science communicators and scientists, and it’s different forms of usage are quickly developing. This site is an attempt to keep track of some of the relevant developments, and it reflects activities and experiences which the site’s operator made during his professional career as a press officer for a university, as an editor for a popular science magazine and currently as a manager for a science publisher.


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Founded in 2018

The first twelve editions of the »Science & Video – Science Communication Newsletter« – the 12th having been distributed to over 1.000 subscribers – have been published from 2018 to 2020 on equal terms with, the Berlin-based science film production firm of Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Sibylle Grunze, and Spektrum der Wissenschaft, a German publisher of popular science magazines.

Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Sibylle Grunze continue to provide video recommendations for the site and the newsletter.

Find the archive of #1 – #11 here; the content of #12 is posted on this site, dated August 31st, 2020.