Science & Video – Findings about the impact of film and video at the interface between science and society

Moving images make a huge difference when communicating science. Science films and videos bridge the gaps between scientists and citizens. They are capable to explain complex stuff, tell exciting stories, inspire trustworthiness, or to effectively convey small snippets of knowledge. They are watched on tiny mobile phone screens and shared on social media, or run across huge canvases as thrilling documentaries. Videos also support inner-scientific academic exchange and help educating students. presents news and findings about the contribution of film and video to the communication between science and society. It provides relevant information for academic institutions, research centers and researchers as well as for media professionals, and hints to opportunities where these communities can connect.

We cover findings from communication research and present noteworthy science films and videos. We report on inspiring film projects at the interface between science and society. We discuss the roles of face-to-face film events as well as digital platforms and channels to reach out to different audiences. We keep you posted about festivals and other opportunities to meet, to learn and to be entertained. We pay particular attention to the role of film and video as part of the communicational infrastructure in democratic societies.

Since 2021, this website and newsletter is published in cooperation with EURASF, the European Academy of Science Film, based in Austria. EURASF is a network of science related film festivals, digital platforms and individual members from 13 European countries. It is committed to strengthening the importance of the European Science Film and to connecting it to larger audiences globally. The academy’s aim is to nurture curated content, new forms and new talents as well as to enhance the circulation of finished films and the visibility of European film initiatives and capacities.


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Founded in 2018

The first twelve editions of the »Science & Video – Science Communication Newsletter« – the 12th having been distributed to over 1.000 subscribers – have been published from 2018 to 2020 on equal terms with, the Berlin-based science film production firm of Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Sibylle Grunze, and Spektrum der Wissenschaft, a German publisher of popular science magazines.

Find the archive of #1 – #11 also here.