Short films inspired by science

CineGlobe 2021 isn’t over yet. The film festival at the research center CERN in Switzerland (where scientists detected the Higgs boson with the help of the particle accelerator LHC) featured 54 “short films inspired by science” out of over 1,000 submissions. It ended on August 29, but until September 23 most of these films can still be watched online for free at, even some long features (watch out for the “Rent €0,00” icon) and Virtual Reality movies. And you can still vote for the audience award.

Another interesting online offer: two recorded discussions with the filmmakers, one of it about “Echoes of the invisible” from Steve Elkins. This “journey into the most extreme environments on Earth to find the connective tissue between all things seen and unseen” got a splendid review (A sense of possibility and wonder) in Modern Times Review, among others.

And the winners of the jury? WhateverTree, which “examines our connection to nature in the age of social media, screens, and selfies”, received the Prize for Best Fiction at CineGlobe 2021. A special mention was awarded for the 14 minutes short film El Agua, in whch “a man wakes up in a world where water has disappeared”.

The CineGlobe festival is among the partners of the European Academy of Science Film (EURASF).

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