Aviation, disease and anthropology – voting for the European Science Film of the year has started

The Best European Science Film 2020/2021 is going to be announced as one of the highlights of the Silbersalz festival in Halle (Saale), Germany, from 15 to 19 September 2021. Until 30 June 2021, members of European Academy of Science Film, EURASF, are now invited to vote for their favorite among the nominees.

Submissions include the German production “The Future of Flight”, the Irish film “Henry Glassie: Field Work”, the Russian “Robot, I love you, do I?” as well as “The Wakeful Sleeper” from Belgium and the Dutch production “MS” about Multiple Sclerosis.

“The Future of Flight” (trailer) asks aircraft manufacturers, scientists and transport experts about the future of aviation in the face of climate change. It has been produced by a&o buero in Hamburg, who won a long list of awards already, among them an international Emmy.

The well-known Irish filmmaker Pat Collins directed “Henry Glassie: Field Work” in which he portrays the American anthropologist Henry Glassie. Just a few weeks ago the British Guardian praised this “brave, unusual film” (trailer) which is “fascinating and hypnotic to watch”.

In the “Wakeful Sleeper” its director Boris Van der Avoort explores his insomnia with filmic means – “formally sophisticated, deeply metaphorical yet intellectually rigorous”, as the producers say, “between things sensational and scientific”. “MS”, too, takes a subjective approach. The documentary does not only ask: What does science have to offer the individual? But it also wants to know what a scientist can learn from an individual patient (more here).

To be eligible for the award, the films have to be submitted by the European science film festivals associated to EURASF, among them PariScience, the Russian Contemporary Science Film Festival and the International Science Film Festival Nijmegen.

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