Sloan funded science short films, ready to stream

If you are watching out for science films in TV and movie quality you may want to visit the site of the Sloan Science and Film initiative. It presents about 60 short films which have received grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation – an American philanthropic nonprofit organization – “for their depictions of scientific themes and characters”.

You can watch “Distemper”, which tells the story of pathologist and LGBT icon, Louise Pearce, as she first undertakes her mission to find a cure for African Trypanosomiasis. Or “Hardbat”, in which a physicist’s obsession with ping pong disrupts a pleasant evening. Or “Implant”, about a future in which micro chips are implanted into the brain.

The functionality of this part of the scienceandfilm-Website is a bit poor, however. If you see numbers below the thumbnails, they indicate the film length in minutes and seconds and you can watch the full movie. If you see a “How to watch” link instead, only the trailer is online, and you are led to a site which tells you on which platforms you can buy the film. If you see neither you’ll see the trailer only.

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