How a Max Planck institute helped developing the fictional TV film “Ecocide”

Is that possible: to make countries responsible for not having adequately dealt with the challenges of climate change? The German fiction film “Ecocide” – premiered on November 11, 2020, and available until 18 May 2021 in the mediatheque of German public broadcaster ARD – tells an intriguing story, set in 2034. 31 states from the Global South are accusing Germany of not having done enough to fight global warming, and (former) German chancellor Angela Merkel has been summoned as a witness before the International Court of Justice.

Thanks to scientists from Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) in Heidelberg, Germany, film directors Andreas Veiel and Jutta Doberstein succeeded in presenting a realistic scenario, as Alexandra Kemmerer from MPIL explains in this interview (in German language). However, the film has been controversely discussed in the media.

The Ecocide cast includes famous German actors Nina Kunzendorfer and Ulrich Tukur. The MPIL also advised German science YouTuber Doktor Whatson who produced this accompanying fact checking clip.

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