Read: How to convince Republicans about climate change

If you really want to make a difference by using film for science communication then take a closer look at this study, published on August 27, 2020 in the journal Science Communication. It’s not just about moving images, but much more specifically about “entertaining and transportive climate change film”.

An experiment, conducted with 2,015 participants by the study’s authors, comes to the conclusion that this type of film even “may present opportunities to bridge gaps between political affiliations” (in this case, even the huge gap between Republicans and Democrats in the United States). also reports on the study, providing us with very telling quotes from the study’s authors: “The more emotionally and cognitively involved (the participants) were, the more they felt climate change was a real risk affecting their lives.” “Both (Republicans and Democrats) were likely to believe that they could personally take action against climate change.” “… after watching the video, among participants who were most transported or engaged, that difference (between Republicans and Democrats) went away.”

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