Watch: Videos to escape (from lockdown)

My search for the next video recommendation started out with a list of 13 videos of German collaborative research centers. Surely it would be a cinch to find a good video among these.

13 videos later – among them this hideous one as well as this boring and incomprehensible example – I was angry. All of these videos had one thing in common: They were all lacking joy and the wish to actually communicate with me the viewer. The speakers were drowning me in endless platitudes of lifeless “excellent research” combined with the dullest bog-standard of science video pictures.

No thank you!

TED-Ed Riddles

First video in Season 3: Can you solve the famously difficult green-eyed logic puzzle?

In my frustration I was drawn to the very individualistic and fun looking artwork of one of the TED-Ed Riddle videos. (I don’t know if this technically counts as a science video but we can be as flexible with this as we’ve had to be in our daily lives lately!).

Ahhh! This is great fun. Riddles to solve by yourself or with the family, packaged in great artwork and fun stories. A great way to get your mind of things. Thank you!

And I found yet another one.

“There’s a poem for that”

The TedEd series starts with “All the World’s a Stage” by William Shakespeare

The TEDEd series “There’s a poem for that” pairs contemporary & classical poems with award-winning animators, making each video a piece of individual art.

This is what the world needs now! Beauty in unique form to give our minds space to wander and enjoy. And for those of us that seek more than the pure joy there are also videos explaining the poems.

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