Read: Why video isn’t on academic platforms (and how to change that)

If you ever wondered why videos in scholarly communication do not play a big role, you’re not alone any more. In this guest post on the famous blog The Scholarly Kitchen, Violaine Iglesias comprehensively compiles reasons why this is the case and proposes eight steps to change things: “It’s time for societies and publishers to do what they do best with video: publish it.”

Violaine has her own reasons to promote the use of video: She is CEO of Cadmore Media, a video hosting platform dedicated to scholarly information. This service is probably a little ahead of its time, but is also an indication that there is a growing need. In her post Violaine also kindly shares some interesting information about major players in the field of what she calls video publishers.

However, while she is perfectly right about most of what she writes, her recommendations rather challenge individual institutions or people (Create your own market!, Tag and transcribe video!, Think global!) than the whole system of publishing.

Which brings us back to the start: videos do not (yet) play a big role in scholarly communication.

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