Watch: Sci-Fi movie “Exit” plus AI expert panel

Sorry: Movie and panel in German language only.

What if you could talk with the deceased, at least with a perfect digital copy of them? That is what “Exit”, a German Sci-Fi movie from 2020, is about. A small chip, implanted below the scalp, which recorded everything during a person’s lifetime, delivers the data. An artificial intelligence then composes a convincing digital, human-like artefact.

The 90-minutes-thriller from director Sebastian Marka [which received an enthusiastic review here, comment added by the author on Oct 30, 2020] can be watched until Jan 28, 2021 in the mediatheque of the German public broadcaster ARD.

Right before the TV screening on October 28, 2020 an online panel of scientists, TV editors, the film director Marka and his scriptwriter Erol Yesilkaya, moderated by YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann (MrWissen2Go), will discuss how AI will impact our societies and how this impact can be shaped. Find all the information about the panel here.

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