A »standard« for science news videos

How can scientific institutions make better use of the medium video although the production of films require many internal and external resources? The German scientific news service, Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e.V., is piloting a new video service exclusively for its members. The project had been started in collaboration with Pajam Sobhani, founder of the scientific video journal latestthinking.org, and Thilo Körkel, co-publisher of this newsletter. Its aim is to standardize content creation and workflow in all production steps in order to produce scientific news videos fast and at predictable cost, quality and impact.
As of today, 45 participants of the idw member institutions – research centers, universities, universities of applied sciences and other institutions of arts and sciences – have been trained in applying the standard and can make use of a handbook, checklists and templates to produce their first videos.
The first examples include Bäume auf den AckerWie ein Antibiotikacocktail Insekten schütztZweite Spur für BESSY IIGencode für die Herzreparatur mit Stammzellen mit Hilfe Künstlicher Intelligenz entschlüsselt and Digital Care – Matching für die Pflege.
One of the upcoming workshops will take place during the (virtual) Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation from October 5 through October 7, 2020. (tk)
(Declaration of interest: The author has initiated the project and has been actively involved in it.)

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