Watch: Protecting and preserving for the future

Playlist “Leibniz research museums”

How the Leibniz museums protect and preserve our cultural heritage

The joy of this playlist is not only the diversity in objects chosen for the individual films, ranging from the encryption device »Cipher machine 41« over hoverflies to paintings from the middle ages, but in the pace and style of the films themselves.

The objects art part of the collections of the eight research museums in the German Leibniz Association, each of which contributed one item – and each item then became the center of one video. It’s the conservationists themselves who lead through the films and take us directly into their research.

Told a bit slower than usual these documentations are very successful in unfolding the objects’ story. Take for instance the Cipher 41 machine from the Second World War that two men found in the woods near Munich. The keys of the machine are made from nitrocellulose, which upon aging deteriorates quite suddenly at a certain point. It also causes corrosion of surrounding materials, making preservation an even more difficult task.

What also makes these films special are the animated artistic drawings. They are a beautiful analogy to the work portrayed in the films: The drawings are in layers, alternately covering and uncovering the underlying picture, putting the objects into their historical context and exposing their mysteries bit by bit.

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