Watch: When the »voice of god« is missing, emotions engage and curiosity is sparked

As we were writing about alternative documentary modes, we chose two videos for you that have left the expository mode (»voice of God« mode) behind and instead opted for poetic and observational. These videos make clear that commentary is not needed to convey information. Especially not when there is so much to see!


by Jan van IJken

»The comet«

by Christian Stangl

When we experience or observe something ourselves it is often easier for us to learn and remember it. This is the strength of this poetic observational video by Jan van IJken that has no commentary.

Thank god! When not talked to death we ourselves start to get emotionally involved and our curiosity is sparked as we wonder: These dividing cells I see, what are they? What will they turn into?

What a joy to actually experience the wonder of »becoming« and not just be told to experience the wonder!

Video poetry as a means to spark interest in science at its best. But what about the information? Do we know everything about the comet after five minutes? No, much better, we are emotionally engaged and willing to dive into the links left for us in the text box and start exploring!

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