Watch: Mind my mind

»Mind my mind« by Floor Adams is a real recommendation, according to Simon Baron-Cohen, renowned autism researcher at the Cambridge University, United Kingdom. The film, he says, »is a highly original animation that portrays the experience of an autistic young man as he navigates starting a romantic relationship and coping with the challenges of conversation and social interaction … The animation team are to be congratulated for their insight into how to convey what goes on inside the mind of an autistic person during everyday decision-making.«
So we share some information about it: »Mind my mind« won several awards and was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 in the section »Animated Shorts Curated by Whoopi G« and at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film in Germany. Next screenings will take place in Switzerland and The Netherlands in September.

Enjoy the trailer and hope for the film to come to a theater near you.

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