Watch: Video abstract in the wild

This is a great example of a video abstract that works well for the audience and is a good addition to the paper, while the associated workload for the two scientists is still acceptable. They take us out with them to their field site in the snowy Sierra where they study natural selection and spatial cognition in chickadees.

Natural Selection and Spatial Cognition / Curr. Biol., Feb. 7, 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 4)

By Vladimir Pravosudov and Benjamin Sonnenberg

The video and science presented is very well structured and explained by the scientists, making it easy to follow and understand. Their enthusiasm and love for the small birds reaches out to the viewer making it fun to watch. It is also a good example of how a very basic but nice looking animation can be used to clarify a point without someone having to spend months on making it.

Enjoy and … sing Cheeeese_burger when looking for a new mate!

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