Video know-how as an all-purpose tool for scientists

When I gave a workshop on »How to make a video abstract« in the Antelope Programme at the University of Basel, which supports young female researchers, I heard some interesting assessments on video abstracts. None of the participants feared that they would not be able to publish papers decently without supplying a video abstract anywhere in the near future. So why had they chosen this workshop over others?
Because all of them had had experiences with job applications that requested a video. Some also saw video as a better way to communicate with the general public, something that is being requested more and more from scientists who apply for funding.
As it turned out the most difficult part for them was to extract the part of their science that could be made into a video for a specific target audience: something that could »stand alone«, could be made into a visual story and would entice the audience to want to dig deeper.
In the end the workshop made sense for all of them: the »video tool box« needed to make a video abstract will be much the same whether you make a video abstract, a short video for the general public or a video for a job application.
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