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Hey Discovery #ItsOurWorldToo
By Teagan Wall

A big round of applause to Teagan Wall, for setting the record straight when a big TV network seriously screws up.

On April 2, she put together this video of women in science (more than 400.000 views) in one afternoon as a reaction to an unbelievably stupid Discovery Channel Ad. Promoting Discovery with the tagline #TheWorldIsOurs the ad features 24 guys and 1 voiceless, nearly naked woman. Thank you, Teagan Wall, for channeling your anger into the #ItsOurWorldToo video and sharing it.

Some more thoughts on »the face of science« can be found in this article on atlantic.com. It tells the story of the sexist vendetta against Katie Bouman which was triggered by reports about the young researcher’s contributions to the first black hole picture ever.

By the way: If you want to add some great scientists to your twitter feed you might check out the ones featured in Teagan Wall’s video.

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