Streaming science

Did you ever check out or In the not so far future the natural habitat of popular science web videos may no longer be YouTube, but specialized streaming platforms like these two.
Labocine, launched in 2016, emerged from »Imagine Science Films«, a film festival in New York. Its makers »are committed to provoking scientific intrigue and understanding, always ensuring compelling and well-founded narratives«.
US-based CuriosityStream, which a few weeks ago succeeded in raising 140 million USD to expand its business, launched one year earlier and offers documentaries in the fields of science, technology, civilization, and human spirit. This rather wide focus even includes films about business, wellness, art and literature. CuriosityStream installed an impressive advisory board which includes Michio Kaku, Vint Cerf, Glenn Close, Wynton Marsalis, Jill Tarter, and others. It partnered with Amazon Prime almost from the start.
Both services, Labocine and CuriosityStream, come at the same subscription price of 3 USD per month. And both offer, in addition to feature-length films, beautiful short films or intense portraits focusing on specific scientific disciplines or personalities from the respective fields.
Is that it already? While we won’t risk any predictions one thing is sure: Monetizing YouTube videos is not an option for professional filmmakers – they need financing for their films, so they will go to where the money is. And that’s where you will find really good science videos in the future.
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