The Best European Science Film: A three-dimensional polyphony of nature

November 7th, Nijmegen: »Don’t just watch the film, listen to it. If you feel it, close your eyes and get immersed.« That’s how Italian film maker Alessandro D’Emilia, together with Nika Šaravanja one of the directors of the documentary »Dusk Chorus«, invited the audience of the Dutch InScience film festival to a very special experience. The film, first screened in 2016, accompanies the eco-acoustics researcher and sound artist David Monacchi into the tropical forest of the Amazon. There Monacchi records 3-dimensional sonic portraits of one of the most threatened biological hotspots in the world.
As of July 2018, »Dusk Chorus« (watch the trailer and read more film information here) had already gathered many prestigious awards. Now, the 62 minutes long documentary has also been selected as Best European Science Film 2017/18 by the European Academy for Science Film (EURASF). 
Monacchi, writer and narrator of »Dusk Chorus«, is famous for his »Fragments of Extinction«. He started this non-profit audio project, supported by Greenpeace and other collaborators, in 2001, when he became aware of »the most silent catastrophe of our times: what has been defined as the Sixth Mass Extinction.«

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