Traditional narrative combined with individual design

Explainer Series »Energy materials«
By Hoppenhaus & Grunze Medien

Our own (Sibylle Grunze, Kerstin Hoppenhaus) recently published explainer series »Energy materials«: While the tone and narrative of these explainers is traditional (German language version only, sorry.), our client (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin) specifically asked for a very individual design. So we picked Tine Kluth, animator, artist and our longtime collaborator to design and animate them. The result … see for yourself!
The YouTube playlist comprises:
Spintronik – Daten verarbeiten mit weniger Energie
Perowskit-Solarzellen – Effizient und günstig
Solarer Wasserstoff – Sonnenenergie chemisch speichern
Bessy II – Ein Teilchenbeschleuniger als Mikroskop

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