The manipulated currency of »view count«

With view count being the currency of YouTube in determining the relevance for search engines and the popularity of videos it is also a target for manipulation. For his article, a New York Times reporter bought fake views for his videos to determine how easily it can be done and if it is successful. In short, it is very easily done and mostly successful.
The article is a sore reminder for me that YouTube like other social media platforms has its place in the fake news debate. »Fake news videos« can easily be washed up to the top of search results with bought fake views, which then in most cases leads to an increase in real views as a consequence.
It was also a reminder that with our own videos and campaigns we must identify other factors than just »view count« to determine success. For me, the parameter of »view retention« is just as important (if not more) in figuring out how relevant and successful my video is with my target audience.
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NYTimes: The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views, August 11, 2018

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