YouTube – a men’s world in science communication?

Yes, YouTube is a men’s world in scicomm. Of the 391 »most popular science, engineering and mathematics–themed channels« that two researchers identified as source material for their study only 32 have female hosts. For their study about how female creators are judged by their YouTube audience they observed that female hosted channels accumulate »more comments per view, and significantly higher proportions of appearance, hostile, critical/negative and sexist/sexual commentary«. For example, female hosts got twelve times more sexist or sexual comments than their male counterparts.
Read more:
NYTimes: Women Making Science Videos on YouTube Face Hostile Comments, July 13, 2018
Spiegel Online: Ich starrte nur auf ihre … Augen, July 20, 2018
Original source:
Inoka Amarasekara and Will Grant, Exploring the YouTube science communication gender gap: A sentiment analysis, Public Understanding of Science. First published July 5, 2018

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