Research Film Day – a promising event format

In June, I (Thilo Körkel) was invited as a speaker to the research film day about data security to the University of Vienna. I experienced this rare event format, that lasted from 3 p.m. to midnight, as being quite promising. While always sticking to the overarching topic it offered its audience several doorways to issues of data security: two acclaimed full-length documentaries, a moderated experts’ discussion on legal aspects of the new General Data Protection Regulation plus a science talk on quantum cryptography. The event on June 12, 2018, curated by EURASF chairman Wolfgang Haberl was launched by an open lecture giving insight into how popular science clips reach their audience on YouTube.
In my impression the variety of formats and speakers opened-up the event and topic to a wide variety of visitors. Whether they prefer to trust in scientists, in lawyers, in YouTube presenters or in documentary film makers – they all felt attracted to get deeper into the topic.
The university reported on the event here. A scribble of the open lecture was posted on Twitter by »cognitive scientist to be« Anna Riedl.

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