Threatened scientists: What the jury says about “Science in Exile”

Even science is under pressure by warring parties in the Middle East. That’s what Italian director Nicole Leghissa’s film “Science in Exile” is about. Now a jury of members of the European Academy of Science Film (EURASF) accepted the film for EURASF’s SF-AiD program to support outstanding science documentaries.

The jury writes that “Italian filmmaker Nicole Leghissa portrays four scientists, men and women, from Syriah, Irak and Yemen, who made their way out, to Lebanon, Germany, Italy or, momentarily, Sudan. They are among the lucky ones, those who were well received by universities, foundations, individual researchers concerned enough to help, international organizations like the New York based Institute of International Education with its Scholar Rescue Fund, or the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn, Germany, with its Philipp Schwartz-Initiative to help threatened academics.”

The film, the jury concludes, “can be seen as an invitation, even a demand, to support threatened scientists the best we can. And it gives a unique inside view into the growing number of international organizations and networks that have started providing aid to scientists – whether on mostly humanitarian grounds or rather driven by consideration of the impact that science can have on humanity.”

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